thought of the day / idea


'Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they've stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments.'

Kevin Costner


the interpretation of the handwriting has turned out the following results

e. is a confident person and ready to show his strengths to others. on the other hand, he is an easy and generous guy.

he is very controlled and/or disciplined and has a strong sense of order.
in a way he is a creature of habit, with a practical intelligence, that allows him to work efficiently, in all things private as well as professional. for him a binding demeanor and working style is kind of natural. he is sensual, warm, cozy and visionary. 


by and large he appears somewhat detached of things, but once something has captured his attention, he almost always succeds in passing on his enthusiasm to his environment and others.

he is also lively and sociable - with a lot of understanding for the concerns of his fellows. but he tends to impose his own opinion on them. if he knows something better, he must share the thought in any way.

then again, emanuele is always open to other people's ideas and infact really open minded. dealing with people is fun for him, which makes him such an outstanding teamplayer


his preferred way of working is nothing but thorough and characterized by rational, analytical thinking.


in the end, he is at his best, when helping others and has a strong sense for justice, even tough sometimes he tends to be a bit impulsive and an imaginative idealist.



taken from andreas staubach, www.graphologies.de

translation into english by emanuele corcagnani