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what this is all about


after achieving his university entrance diploma and a couple of years of studying languages, at the university of cologne, germany, an opportunity arose for emanuele corcagnani in 1999 to get to work in the media business.

from there emanuele soon dedicated himself to practicing IT service and support related tasks, like 1st and 2nd level support, remote access based networking and control, multi-media content generation, and more.

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his special field of interest, apart from being computers and stuff, was brought forward however, when he shifted his focus from IT-based environments to the television and media sector.


acquiring a diploma as editor at the bayerische fernsehakademie in 2005 he subsequently worked for various post-production companies.

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in 2008, he was then appointed to observe and manage all technical related issues in production and postproduction as chief technical assistant and sng-operator of the first german television network's ard studio in rome, italy - the studio being run by the bayerischer rundfunk, munich, germany.


after completing his five-year term in rome, emanuele relocated back to germany, and commenced a course of studies, aimed at obtaining valuable certificates to demonstrate and strengthen his expertise as an it-support-specialist.

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by consequence emanuele started in 2013 as senior it-technician and one of the founding team members at einsnulleins, hamburg.


2014 he was then involved in a high-level software rollout at the uke hamburg, coordinating and supporting first level the introduction of a new medication and unit dose software.


this finally led him to a new engagement at studio hamburg, the eldest film and production studio company in germany, there converging all his experiences in IT and media-based businesses full on.


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as time goes on emanuele is also moving forwards and in 2021 - after more than a decade working in the media - finally joined forces with hansemerkur a most prestigious insurance company traditionally rooted in the city of hamburg since the 18th century. there he is bringing to bear his considerable knowledge and know-how as senior it-support specialist; as well as evolving into new areas of expertise as a software configuration and software asset manager.



...to be continued