2006 / MMVI - here you can see some editing and video camera operating work, mostly done during my time at second unit/stereolize, munich, germany.


this compilation is subject to change, when deemed necessary. 


GC Making Of

Games Convention

Making Of (2'28")


music RJD2: "bus stop bitties"
second unit at microsoft booth

leipzig, germany


GC Showcase

Games Convention
Showcase (1'37")

second unit at microsoft booth

leipzig, germany



Arrested Development Down&Dirty

Arrested Development
Down&Dirty (5'13")


music arrested development: "down&dirty"

live at microsoft booth, games convention

leipzig, germany

O2 alive


O2 alive (0'31")

editing exercise at second unit

munich, germany



Showreel AJ06


AJReel06 (1'03")

music pink martini: "aspettami (first recording)"

showreel and editing exercise at second unit

munich, germany


the Jumper

the Jumper (1'48")

feat. benjamin hübner, sebastian jäger

editing exercise
hamburg, germany