content and navigation

- 01:25 UTC put much effort into fine tuning navigation of the site. 

- 00:57 UTC edited case studies section before that.

- 01:36 UTC implemented a download section for registered users.

- 01:58 UTC finished up on the navigation and revised the main/home page.

- 03:53 UTC uploading video files from youtube

   editing the case files and media sections

- 04:46 UTC still uploading and working on media section an case files 

   will continue later, though


- 12:34 UTC after but a couple of hours sleep, continued the

   case studies section

   edited the about page

   experimenting on the site header

- 16:24 UTC restricted security area to download & media only

- 23:26 UTC again some tweaks to the navigation and design of the case studies

   added new content

- 23:53 UTC new coming soon section added, plus relocation of techblog

   as a sub of home